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Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Photo by Christine Tanner
Next Meeting:
Saturday June 18, 2016
Topic:San Francisco Local Fish Store Tour
Location: San Francisco Japantown
Time: 1pm-4pm

Please see our Facebook Event Page for details. Come join us for a fun fish tour running around San Francisco! We roam around as a group of hobbyists to the best San Francisco has to offer: Ocean Aquarium, Aquaforest, 6th Avenue, Lucky Ocean, and Fairy Lake Discus Palace. Itís wonderful to visit all of these aquarium stores with the betta fish crew, and we usually have a group lunch prior to the adventure. We will meet in the Japantown plaza. However, we will also have lunch together at 12pm at Tenroku Sushi if you would like to join!

See the Meeting Schedule for details and a list of other meetings.

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