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Welcome to the California Betta Society
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Photo by Borin Taing
Next Meeting:
Saturday October 7 2017
Topic: Fall District Show
Location: AquaCraze
25 Quinta Ct, Suite A
Sacramento, California
(916) 895-5333
Time: open to public at noon, auction at 4pm

Purpose of the meeting is:
CBS will be having a Betta District Show in conjunction with a AquaCraze Flowerhorn Show in Sacramento, Californa.

See our Show Page for details.

Please see our Facebook Page for more details or email


See the Meeting Schedule for details and a list of other meetings.

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We recommend that Betta breeders and hobbyists join the
International Betta Congress (IBC)

California Betta Society (CBS) is an International Betta Congress chapter

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